Shopping Around

Block Heels

They may not be as graceful as the narrow ones, but block heels are easier on the feet and legs, not to mention currently on trend. Spice [...]

May 26, 2016

Resort Ready

Spice up your resort wear with a bit of color/style this year. Even one zingy new item brightens attitude and prospects. Add COLOR  Left [...]

May 19, 2016

First Look: Straw Bags

They not only look lighter, they ARE lighter. Perfect for warm weather, straw and rattan are not confined to beach bags anymore. Appliqué [...]

May 12, 2016

First Look: Rompers

Not since the pin-up years have these been so favored by designers. Your favorite label is likely to have several in his/her line, sites [...]

May 10, 2016

First Look: White Dresses

Not just for weddings-though some of these might serve, a white dress shows off a tan, acts as canvas for brightly colored accessories, can [...]

April 25, 2016

First Look: Corked Up!

Cork is back in bags and shoes (as well as home accessories.) It’s light, goes with everything and looks natural. Herein some of this [...]

April 23, 2016

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