Our Women Around Town for 2009


Every Monday we spotlight a Woman Around Town, an individual who has touched the lives of many. From our first Woman Around Town, open water swimmer Erica Moffett (above), to our last one for the year, Randi Rahm, fashion designer to the stars (now on our front page), we have had the opportunity to meet and write about 49 outstanding women. Here, in Snapping Around, we’ve pulled together the photos of all these women. (Make sure you click through all three pages to access all the photos).

While some of these women are famous, others are not household names, but well known to many in their communities. Each woman is an inspiration! If you missed any of their stories, you can still read about them on the site. Want to learn more about a specific Woman Around Town? Type in her name on the search box at the top of our opening page. And if you know of a woman we should be writing about in 2010, please let us know. You can e-mail Charlene (cgiannetti@womanaroundtown.com), or Debra (dtoppeta@womanaroundtown.com).

Thanks and congratulations to all our 2009 Women Around Town!

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