Best Refreshment Breaks Off Exit 11 in Fairfield County

Traffic is backed up, it’s too steamy with the windows rolled down, and you need to stretch your legs. If you happen to be passing through southern Fairfield County, CT, this summer, right near Darien to be specific, your best bet is to get off I-95 at Exit 11 and experience the locals’ favorite options for food and drink on the “Post Road Strip.”

If you’re really hungry and in the mood for down home, fresh diner chow, check out the Sugar Bowl (photo, above), a breakfast and lunch landmark since the 1950s. Eggs, waffles, pancakes, salads, omelets, sandwiches, you name it, Sugar Bowl serves it, and they don’t skimp on the helpings. You could easily split a stack of ‘cakes with a traveling partner. It’s also a great place for kids; they can draw on the table and be noisy – it’s all good.

Sugar Bowl is located at 1033 Post Road.

Just next door and across the side street from Sugar Bowl is Uncle’s Deli. Uncle’s is a great place to stop if you want a hearty deli sandwich with chips and a drink to go. It’s a small place with people lined up out the door at lunchtime, and no indoor seating but it’s worth the wait. Try the chicken salad or one of their specialty sandwiches. They do have a couple of picnic tables in front if you want to stay awhile and watch Darien’s downtown scene.

Uncle’s Deli is located at 1041 Post Road.

Go just a few blocks further down the strip and you’ll find Post Corner Pizza, where they are serious about their square, Greek-style pizza that they’ve been serving for over 30 years. Whether you eat in or do take out, don’t ask for anything too fancy, i.e. organic dough. The pizza’s a little oily and filling but incredibly delicious. If you want something “light,” order a pie with spinach and tomato. But if you think you can handle it, order the “Special” and enjoy the anchovies. If you order the white pizza, good luck eating just one or two slices. Their Greek salad is a must to accompany your pizza, or anything you order for that matter. They also serve the classic gyro, sub sandwiches and several pasta dishes.

Post Corner Pizza serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located at 847 Post Road.