Black’s Bar and Kitchen—Aloha!


Nothing says Sunday morning, like mai tai’s and the smell of roast pig. At least that was the spirit at Black’s Bar and Kitchen on Sunday, June 10, as the restaurant celebrated the arrival of its new Tiki Bar with an indoor/outdoor luau.

The porcine guest of honor had been brined for two days in a mixture of juices and spices before being roasted underground, Polynesian style, for three hours to get that special flavor. The roasting smell permeated both the outdoor patio area and the cool indoors and set mouths watering.

Nor was that the end to the culinary delights; the tiki inspired brunch menu offered crispy, salty, bacon, juicy sausages, a unique macademia inspired french toast, eggs benedict, and a raw seafood bar offering up fresh shrimp and oysters. There were fruit salads available, pineapple sweet rolls, and macademia nut cookies. It was the sort of feast that would be the envy of any chief and that could easily bring on a food coma. Rum punch, mai tai’s served in coconut shells with fresh chopped pineapple, and shots of frozen daiquiris were liberally distributed as well, which adding to the live music and presence of radio hosts helped put guests in a mellow mood. (Though, you had to pace yourself carefully with all those tasty tropical drinks for the journey home).

Luaus and tiki bars always run the risk of going overboard into kitsch but the high quality of the cuisine, as well as the tropical inspired but classy light woods and colors of the bar area gave an ‘upscale’ vibe to the festivities. Fun and casual without being cheesy, the new Black’s Tiki Bar and brunch is a welcome addition to downtown Bethesda.

Black’s Bar & Kitchen
7750 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, MD, 20814

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