Desmond’s—Fit for Any Occasion


Desmond’s is the perfect place for a private party to impress. Whether you are looking for sophisticated place to dine out on business, pleasure or host a dazzling private party, Desmond’s fits the bill.

Casual, yet elegant. American, yet British. Cocktails and Dining at the bar or dining in the main restaurant. Desmond’s opened in March of 2011 so it is still new and has not had the chance to show off during a fall season. Get ready Fashion Week!

A converted 1920s bank opposite Bloomingdale’s is home to this wonderful place. By all means, it is a great addition to the neighborhood. It is not the prettiest block, but once you get to this lovely townhouse and are whisked in the doors, you feel transported to another era.

With a cocktail bar, split level dining room, open fireplace and soaring 30-foot ceilings, this is an elegant and sophisticated offering. Owner/Executive chef David Hart honed his culinary skills in the top echelons of London kitchens (SoHo House, Claridge’s) and has cooked for the royal family as well as other notable patrons. Desmond’s features modern American cuisine in a timeless, yet contemporary, setting.

I was served a private tasting of several dishes during lunch. A series of cold and hot appetizers that could be prepared for any occasion. Of the cold variety, we started with Bloody Mary Soup (without alcohol), which cleanses the palate. Chilled Corn Soup with Shaved Black Truffle – to die for. Tuna Tartare with Watermelon and Ginger Vinaigrette – a crowd pleaser and also a regular appetizer on the menu. Finally, the Hoisin Duck served on a Crouton – a man’s appetizer.

From the hot side, we tried Panko-Crusted Crab Cakes with Sweet & Spicy Ketchup – very tasty and filling. Crispy Sweetbreads, which is an acquired taste for most. Filet Steak with Fries and Tarragon – the most innovative and delicious. Who does not love “Steak & Frites” bite sized. Last but not least, Sea Scallops with Oxtail and Cauliflower – “Surf vs. Turf “at it’s finest and one of the more popular main dishes offered on the regular menu.

153 East 60th Street

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