Max Brenner—Heaven for Chocolate Lovers


Max Brenner loves chocolate and we love Max Brenner. His two restaurants in Manhattan allow us to get our chocolate fix without feeling guilty. Why? Because we can first enjoy Max’s food—wonderful breakfast selections in the morning, great salads in the afternoon, and fabulous comfort food for dinner—before we indulge in his chocolate desserts.

And indulge we must. In the wintertime we love Max’s special hot chocolate, so rich and thick and served in a mug that allows us to grasp it with both hands to warm up. Another cold weather option is Max’s chocolate fondue. In the summer, we like to treat ourselves to one of Max’s waffles with melted chocolate and ice cream, or we can skip the waffle and just go for the ice cream. In any season, Max’s chocolate pizza, topped with melted chocolate hunks, melted marshmallows, or crunchy sweetened hazelnut bits can be savored and shared. This could make us forget mushrooms and pepperoni.

If you still need more chocolate, you can visit Max’s chocolate shop to take home something for the kids (or yourself). Should you worry if you seem to be developing a chocolate addiction? Maybe. But you can think about that tomorrow.

Max Brenner
Type of food: American
141 Second Avenue, at East 9th Street
841 Broadway, between 13th and 14th Streets
212-388-0030, for both restaurants

Romantic—3                              Child Friendly–5
Girls’ Night Out—5                   Solo Dining—2
Business Dining—2                   Visitors Welcome—4
Dress Code—Casual                  Budget—Moderate

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