Pepe—First Food Truck by Celebrity Chef José Andrés

Pepe, the new food truck in town, arrived with much anticipation from celebrity D.C. chef, Jose Andres. The truck hit the streets of the district last week and has been a very popular spot for hungry lunch-goers throughout the city.

The long line, spanning at least half a block, didn’t seem to deter hungry fans from getting a taste of what Pepe has to offer. The menu consists of a wide variety of Spanish-inspired sandwiches that are served on long, thin baguettes. At first glance, the sandwiches look small, but are surprisingly filling and delicious! The sandwich prices range from $8 to $20. The most expensive item on the menu, the Pepito de Iberico sandwich (pork and ham), has been abuzz on Twitter as being the most expensive street food in D.C.—knocking from the top spot the D.C. lobster truck.

Is the price worth it? Yes, it seems that everyone agrees!

I ordered the Spanish Grilled Cheese. It was heavenly and quite unusual for a grilled cheese. It was filled with an assortment of cheeses like Manchego, Goat Cheese and Murcia. The taste was reminiscent of blue cheese with a hint of sweetness. The bread was fresh, soft on the inside and nice and firm on the outside.

On the menu, you’ll also find chicken noodle soup, non-alcoholic Sangria and Pepe tonic. For dessert, there’s a chocolate and hazelnut ice cream sandwich. I will have to return soon to try the dessert.

Unless you’re planning to buy $50 worth of food—plan to arrive with cash. For orders of $50 or more, you can pay with credit card.

Your best bet for finding the Pepe Food Truck is to follow it on Twitter (@pepefoodtruck). Each day, it posts where it’s headed, what time it’ll be arriving and when they run out of certain menu items.

On the day I went to Pepe, I arrived at 11:30, just as Pepe was pulling up to the curb. All-in-all my trip lasted about 30 minutes. The line went pretty quickly, but it was long. Orders are taken on an iPad and then you wait in another, much smaller line, for your order to be called. The food truck stays on the scene until either the line dies down or they run out of food.

Now that the weather is warming up, I highly suggest giving Pepe Food Truck a visit for your next lunch outing. The long wait is well worth it. On a nice, sunny day, it’ll be a great excuse for some fresh air and fresh, delicious lunch!

Follow the food truck on Twitter to find out where it’ll be serving food next: @pepefoodtruck