Redline Gastropub—Best Ahi Tuna in Town

Redline, located across the street from the Verizon Center, is a new treasure in the Penn Quarter section of the city. According to its website, it is considered to be DC’s premiere luxury gastrolounge, a restaurant with a bar. Redline’s owner, Mick Dedlani, an investor in IndeBleu, the space’s previous occupant.

Redline has several great features, probably the most impressive is the number of televisions, along with the twelve foot projection screen that provides real time results for sports in the main bar area. It also features built-in table taps at all of its booths. Patrons have a choice of two different beers in the booths, with different choices in each booth. Guests of the restaurant, we settled into one of the spacious booths with the built-in table taps. Each tap has an electronic monitoring device, so we were able to see exactly how much beer is being consumed. Redline also offers a Chef’s Table for private parties, with seating for up to twelve, with a widescreen television.

We visited Redline on a Sunday evening following the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s World Cup match with Japan. Chef Fabrice Reymond showed me a photo on his phone taken during the game, and the entire restaurant was wall-to-wall people. During our visit, there were still people lingering after the U.S. women’s disappointing loss to Japan. (Photo above, Reymond, left, with owner, Mick Dedlani,).

Redline offers an array of beers and drinks. Now through September 10, 2011, the gastrolounge offers a free glass of Champagne or beer to visitors who are able to state the name of the artist that is featured by the National Gallery of Art Jazz series on Friday evenings. (See Jenna Nicole Levine’s story, “Redline Gastrolounge Gets Jazz in Its Soul“). On Mondays, Redline showcases classic movies with martini specials.

Redline is definitely a premiere location and fast becoming a celebrity draw. According to its owner, Mike Green, one of the Defensemen for the Washington Capitals, has partied privately in the small bar area.

The menu at Redline is quite diverse and the starters are delicious. During my visit, I didn’t try any entrees. Hopefully, I can return for the homemade lasagna. (Ah, the joy of comfort food). But I did sample four different starters and was quite surprised by one in particular. Since childhood, I have had an aversion to fish. I have no problem with cooking fish for others, but I don’t like the taste or the smell of it. One of Chef Reymond’s specialties is Tuna Tartar Spring Rolls. My plan was to have my guest taste them and give his opinion, however, I thought I would be remiss in not trying them and oh what a treat! The spring rolls consist of marinated Ahi tuna that is also known as Yellowfin tuna wrapped in crispy rice paper with the chef’s sauce and seaweed salad. This dish was excellent. The tuna did not taste or smell fishy but was moist with a firm consistency. The rice paper that held the tuna was crispy, light, airy, and not greasy. The seaweed salad did not have a pungent taste but was very flavorful. The chef’s sauce, a soy sauce blend added the perfect touch to a scrumptious dish. The Ahi tuna used in this dish comes from the A&H Gourmet and Seafood Market located in Bethesda.

If you aren’t a fish lover, try the Peruvian-Style Roast Chicken Breast Skewers or Boneless Short Rib Skewers. The Peruvian Chicken consists of marinated chicken with red onion, rice vinegar, cilantro, cumin, and curry. It also comes with fried plantain and an absolutely divine grilled corn and tomato combo. This starter had the best kick and is great with a cold glass of beer.

The Boneless Short Ribs are very tasty, consisting of beef, bell peppers, and red peppers with a teriyaki sauce. This dish also comes with rosti, a small hash brown. I found this potato side a little on the oily side, but the meat and vegetables were delicious.

Chef Reymond is a wonderful chef, who takes great pride in his work. He hails from Switzerland and is a graduate of the Professional School of Monteux in Switzerland. He also served as the former chef at Hook Restaurant in Georgetown. Beginning in September 2011, Chef Reymond will be adding around 15 new items to the fall menu along with smaller plate choices.

Redline is definitely a great place to watch sports or go to after a game or concert at the Verizon Center. On Friday and Saturday nights, all of the tables, with the exception of the table tap booths, are removed and people are free to dance to music spun by a DJ. At all other times, Redline offers Top 40 Hits. If you are out and about in the Penn Quarter area, stop by Redline. You can definitely fill up on the yummy starters and enjoy the casual and fun dining atmosphere.

Redline Gastrolounge
707 G Street NW