5 Indulgent Kitchen Gadgets That You Could Do Without
. . . But Why Would You Want To?

Perhaps every kitchen in America has at least one item that could fall into the category of indulgent. They are the little extravagant luxuries that we probably really do not need, but every once in a while we have an overwhelming urge to treat ourselves to such niceties. Some would argue that our hard earned money could conceivably be better spent. And perhaps it is true that we could do without such frivolities, but why on earth would we want to?

Bread Machine

There’s not much that rivals the mouth-watering aroma of fresh baked bread wafting from the kitchen. Apparently some people are of the opinion that a warm custom made loaf is the only way to go. And what better way than with the Zojirushi breadmaker. Set the timer on this baby before going to bed and awake to the smell of a thoroughly kneaded, scrumptious two-pound loaf. Use it roughly one hundred times and the unit has paid for itself!


Speaking of bread, once you bake that fresh loaf perhaps you’ll want to slice it and pop it in the toaster. Well obviously no ordinary toaster will do. It is times such as this that a Breville Smart Toaster comes in handy. With an inordinate amount of bells and whistles, now you can toast that slice of bread—well, actually up to four slices—to perfection. Of course, you could always just pop the slice of bread in the oven for a minute or two and get half the results, but with a machine this sleek, why would you want to?

Espresso Machine

What lengths will a person go to just to get a decent cup of espresso? If you have money to burn then perhaps the Saeco Xelsis Digital ID Automatic Espresso Machine is just your cup o’ java. With a price tag of over $3,000, it represents one of life’s pinnacles of indulgence. This high tech gadget is so advanced, it even offers “fingerprint recognition technology” to remember six separate user profiles. How’s that for unique?


Even a tea bag wants to feel special. Now, thanks to Danish ceramist Marie Langaa, a bag of Lipton®’s own can be queen for a day in this uniquely designed tea pot. Weighing in at $260, does it infuse the tea with an ambrosial quality worthy of mythical gods? Probably not, but it is an awfully charming piece of porcelain.

Trash Can

When something is this indulgent, it seems almost a shame to call it a mere trash can. This extravagant bin from simplehuman is so smart with its “multi-sense”™ technology, it seems to intuitively know when you are coming and, just like a genie, magically opens the lid for you. Talk about open sesame. Not only that, this trash can is so smart, the sensor won’t allow the lid to accidently slam shut on your hand, eradicating the worry of accidental injury. Were it not for the sheer innovative genius of this beauty, it would be just plain spooky.

What is your favorite kitchen indulgence?

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