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A Blaze of Color for Summer

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With a sizzling summer approaching us we need colors that are sexy, chic and, most importantly, bright. Colors such as fuchsia, bright red, electric orange, baby doll pink, bright berries and purples are trending lip colors this season. On a shopping trip Around Town I discovered some colors and shades from many different makeup lines that are affordable, sexy, stylish and perfect for every skin color.

Cover Girl has a line of colors that are summer ready. Their colors will transform your day and more importantly your lips. The top summer lip colors from Cover Girl are in the Pink to Roses collection. They have a lipstick that gives you pure lip perfection; the colors are soft but also very light and come with names like Sweetheart, Temptress, Siren, Delight and Enchantress. These colors can be paired with anything and when you wear them they give a very flirty feel to your smile.

Revlon lip color is super lustrous and has 82 fabulous shades to choose from. Their lip colors are infused with mega moisturizers that will leave your lips very smooth and soft. Revlon’s summer colors range from luscious oranges to neon pinks like Kiss the Coral, Fuchsia Fusion, Apricot Fantasy, Siren and Coral Berry. These colors will put you and keep you in a fashionable state of mind.

At Sephora, this store brand’s most popular line captures this season’s most sought after trend bright orange and offers three colors that are summer ready; Sweet Rhythm, Sweet Embrace and I’ll Lead. With just a quick swipe you’ll feel seductive and even more stylish than before. These colors will bring a boldness to your lips that your summer crush will love.

The uber-popular MAC brand offers a variety of beach and summer ready colors. MAC had teamed with famous pop artists to promote MAC’s VIVA GLAM line of cosmetics. The rap star Nikki Minaj has a limited edition lip color – VIVA GLAM NIKKI, described as a bright yellow pink. This soft pink makes you feel girly but also flirty. Cremesheen, Lickable, Amplified, Girl About Town and Vegas Bolt are other top MAC colors you might want to take with you on a summer getaway. These colors range from hot pink to vibrant but gorgeous oranges. Every dollar from the sale of VIVA GLAM cosmetics goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by AIDS/HIV.

While the sun is sizzilng hot let your lips turn up the heat by showing off any of these trendy colors. Think outside the box and bring your summer in with a blaze of color.

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