A Cut Above the Rest: Top 5 Cool
And Unique Kitchen Knife Holders

When most people think about knives, the prevailing thought is generally somewhere in the neighborhood of, “It needs to be sharp enough to hack through this ____,” [insert random food item of your choice]. However, there are those few individuals who chose to have a love affair of sorts with their cutlery and whatever receptacle houses it. Nothing but the finest will do. Then there are those who want to not only slice, dice and julienne, they also want to do it with a bit a panache and a pinch of quirkiness. In short, they want their kitchen cutlery to have a unique style.

For those gutsy trailblazers who welcome the opportunity to cut with creative flair, take a look at these truly unique knife holders. If nothing else, whether for novelty purposes or to put to good use, they are sure be the center of attention and a welcome conversation starter.

That’s Bull!

For the suit of light wearing, knee-high socks donning, pig-tailed sporting, ballet slipper scooting bullfighter wannabe hidden deep within all of us, Toro Legno offers this cleverly designed mash-up of a knife block, cheese board and bookshelf all rolled into one neat little package. Why didn’t I think of that? It seems wholly unreasonable to group the three items together, but once you see the outcome, well, perhaps you still think it’s a waste of space, but it is inventive with a positively quirky twist all its own. Sadly, this bull doesn’t come equipped with its own knives.

Well Isn’t That Handy

Like the slightly creepy Raffaele Iannello designed “Ex 5-Piece Knife Set”, the Italian designer brings to the market yet another eerie creation in the form of this Five Finger steak knife set. A bright red block holds six stainless steel knives, five of which conveniently just miss stabbing a digit while the sixth is plunged deep within the “hand” placed atop the holder. Talk about keeping your cutlery close at hand!

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‘Round and ‘Round He Goes…

For a clever spin on a knife block, this ingenious contraption actually twirls around like a center-ring attraction at the county fair. The five stainless steel professional chef knives of the Throwzini Knife Set are not actually meant to be thrown at the hapless figure strapped to the board, but the overall effect is one of whimsy as well being fully functional. When stored, these razor sharp stainless steel knives each fit into their own protective sheath to prevent injury.

The Attraction is Evident

With elegant style comes supreme form and function in this set of four stainless steel encased wall mountable Eva Solo Knife Magnets. Modern enough to blend into most any kitchen décor and sleek enough to appear as well art, these heavy duty Danish designed magnets not only are space savers but hold knives firmly in place and out of reach of little prying fingers. Beauty and practicality. What more could one ask for?

Standing on its own…

This avant-garde knife set actually resembles a grouping of writing instruments standing on end. However, this cleverly designed Legnoart Spicy self-supporting holder conceals six knives primed and ready to cut through a juicy chunk of steak. With blades made of serrated edged stainless steel, you would never know it when the knives are concealed within the artsy colored standing holder. While not the sturdiest looking of items, its sculpture-like quality makes it a pleasure to gaze at.

Who says cutting in the kitchen has to be boring?

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