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I am a self diagnosed subscribeaholic. Subscribing to over fifty different beauty and fashion newsletters has had many benefits over the years. On any given day I can learn what hair style best suites my oddly shaped face, which eyeliner extenuates my hazel eyes, what boutiques I generally cannot afford are having sample sales in my area, and most importantly: fun and 100 percent free events I can attend.

I received an enticing invite two weeks ago for an exclusive salon styling event sponsored by ELLE magazine, Wella Professions, and PR Partners Salons and Spas, where the event was held. Thoe attending would receive a complimentary consultation and styling from a Wella professional stylist, and a consultation from an ELLE accessories expert. I had never been to a PR Partners Salon, and could always use a little help in the styling department. I RSVP’d, gathered a few adventurous friends, and decided to give the event a shot. I informed my friends that there is a Cheesecake Factory a stone’s throw away from the salon if we weren’t enjoying ourselves. It’s amazing what you can get women to do with the promise of cheesecake.

When we entered the salon located at 5300 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, we were greeted with bright lights, welcoming smiles, and complimentary champagne, white wine, sparkling water, and hors d’oeuvres, catered by Ridgewell Catering. The event was already paying for itself! After checking in, we each filled out a questionnaire detailing our hair color habits, concerns, and desires. Maggie Pei, my stylist for the evening, was not only charming and bubbly, but she also was thorough about analyzing my haircut and color options without being pushy. I do not dye my hair because its texture is equivalent to hay and adding any more chemicals would just cause a brush fire. She understood. While in the styling chair, servers were making their rounds refilling drinks and offering delicious bite sized snacks—caviar stuffed mini roasted potatoes with crème fraiche, pumpkin mousse with cranberry jelly and marshmallow whip, and mini crab cakes.

After my consultation, Maggie escorted me to the hair washing and treatment station. I opted to try an intense conditioning treatment for my course hair. I chatted with the man washing my hair about some celebrity gossip tidbits I read about in one of my newsletters (benefit number 78 of being a suscribaholic is always having something to talk about even if no one is listening). During my treatment I was placed under a high tech blower and supplied with a magazine and fresh drink. Maggie explained my treatment in detail and never left my glass dry. I loved her! When it was time to have my hair styled I gave her carte blanche to work her magic and style me how she saw fit. The end result was fun, flawless, and a perfect style for my diamond shaped face.

While my friends and I waited for a free makeup artist we were handed ELLE gift bags filled a $25 gift certificate to the salon, the latest issue of ELLE magazine, and samples of Sebastian products. My makeup artist, Justin Marcel, suggested color pallets, particularly eye shadows for my constantly changing eye color. After ten minutes my makeup was complete and flawless.

At a jewelry table sponsored by Niemen Marcus we tried on the latest fall jewelry while a professional photographer snapped our photos. My hair looked gorgeous, I was dripping in gorgeous jewelry, I had flashing lights in my face. My friends and I were ready to hit the Cheesecake Factory in style. It was the best Tuesday evening of my life.

PR and Partners Salons and Spas have several locations in the D.C. metro area which can be found on their website,

Jenna Nicole Levine is an event consultant specializing in imaginative party planning on a budget. She has been featured on Washington D.C.’s lifestyle show Let’s Talk live. You can find Jenna Nicole at

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