Running bride

Bride-Body-to-Be: How to Look Your Best for the Big Day

Running bride

The big day is fast-approaching! You have spent roughly one year scouting out the location, planning what dress to wear, flowers to carry, food to serve, cakes to cut, music to play and yes, let’s be honest, relatives to avoid. You have spent so much time tending to the various pieces that pull a wedding together that you neglected to focus on the most important thing—your body. Your wedding is supposed to be all about you (and yet, somehow, your mother-in-law/maid of honor/Aunt Sally thinks it is all about her)! What is a bride to do? Reclaim her brideness, that’s what!

You do not have that much time; however, a few weeks even one week or a couple of days can affect what your body looks like in your gown and on film. Follow these simple steps to help your body get wedding-ready:

1. What parts of your body are visible in your gown? Arms, legs…abs? (Hey, they make some interesting gowns these days!) Focus on these parts the most during your next few days of workouts.

2. Focus on them but don’t overdo it. The last thing you need is to be sore during your wedding. If your biceps are hurting during the reception, it is going to be hard to lift that much-needed and well-deserved glass of Champagne to your lips.

3. Hire a personal trainer. Since you only need someone for a short period of time, you are saving money. Plus, a trainer will probably make you work ten times harder than you would going solo.

4. Watch your carb-intake. Eat carbs (we don’t want a fainting bride) but eat the right ones in moderation. Oatmeal and wheat pasta will leave you feeling full while providing you the energy to tackle those last-minute wedding details.

5. Take some “you” time, actively. Spend an hour alone sorting through your thoughts but do it on a bike, on a run, on a swim.

6. Cut out alcohol. Yes, your bridesmaids are throwing you a wild last hurrah but forego the margaritas and hydrate with water instead. Not only will it make you feel better than the rest the next morning but you will be avoiding empty calories. Save the cocktails for your wedding reception (but not too many…) only.

Just because your wedding is right around the corner does not mean that you’ve lost all hope of getting the bride body you want.

Kenley Ferrara is a certified personal trainer and running coach for Professional Personal Training Systems (PPTS) as well as a Pacer for Nike. Her website is

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  1. Vanessa Prat says:

    This is good advice for all year around!

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