Mermaids Together

Colorful Mermaids Welcome Summer in Brooklyn

Mermaids Together

Yesterday, beautiful women in colorful, creative

and daring mermaid customs marched down the streets of Coney Island.

It was the 30th anniversary of the Mermaid Parade and it officially marked the beginning of the Summer Season for Brooklyn.

From women dressed as Zombie mermaids…

…to Angel mermaids,

the show bought out hundreds of New Yorkers to the streets of Coney Island.

However, the creativity did not stop at that,

as a range of other sea creatures…

also made their way down the parade with fish nets and tails.

Coney Island Firefighters also joined in on the festivities using their hoses to spray the crowd.

This year’s parade also showcased the distaste Brooklyn Residents have with the current residential developments in Coney Island. One specific artist known as the Reverend Billy burst into gospel denouncing the developments.

Yet, the mermaid Parade was the usual show stopper that it is known for.

Brooklyn residents celebrated their borough, Borough President Marty Markowitz (above) made an appearance,

a just married gay couple marched down the parade…

and the performers danced down the streets as the crowd cheered on!

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