Don’t Shy Away From Intimacies


Photography by Claire Holt

Visitors to New York who have been clever enough to enter the city through the Port Authority this October have been treated to an intriguing performance art presentation called The Intimacies Project.  Fortunately, if we hurry, the rest of us can experience this artistic exploration of intimacy, too.

THE INTIMACIES PROJECT at 41st Street & 8th Avenue is a daring multi-media event about relationships and the impossibility of love.  This visual art installation and live performance is a rare look at the danger of intimacy expressed through dance, music, images, and audience participation. The installation incites individuals to focus on emotion while they are in motion. Commuters and passersby are invited to participate by sharing their thoughts and feelings in response to questions about relationships and love.


Part of the installation, The Intimacies Project Blog, is a collection of found language, observation, syntactic experimentation, word tension, ambience translation, image manipulation, provocation, intimately related to the Project. The Intimacies Project Blog is live from the Northwest wing of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Go and share your thoughts about love, fear, hope and intimacy.

The last chance to see THE INTIMACIES PROJECT is TODAY, Thursday, October 29. Visit www.theintimaciesproject.com for more information. 

In the photos:

Dancers Jordan Marinov and Billy Blanken, who perform (free) twice a day at 1 pm and 6pm.

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