eye shields

Eye Armor for Super Eyelashes

eye shields

While checking out The NYC Makeup Show last week there was one new product that caught my eye. Literally. It’s a mascara shield to ensure proper mascara and eyeliner application with less mess and less post-application clean up. If you are anything like me, you’re probably sick of having to clean up with a q-tip every time you put on eye makeup.

At the Myrabelle Product booth I was shown by live demonstration how to use the shield. You first place the non-toxic shield behind the upper lashes so that you line up the edge to match the roots of your eyelashes. Then you pull up slightly while pressing down on your eyelid, but do it very, very gently! Now you may apply your mascara.

For your bottom lashes, place the shield underneath the lashes and apply. Make sure to wash the device with non-oily make-up remover or just plain old soap and water between uses to avoid any unintentional smudging. While attending one of the seminars at the event, I overheard a makeup artist raving about how great this product is, and how it is especially great for the application of false eyelashes.

You can purchase the Mascara Shield at www.myrabellemascarashield.com. And for only 10 bucks, it seems like a wise investment.

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