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Fashion Fix for your Fingertips

nails featured

Trips to the nail salon are always fun. Manicures and pedicures are weekend traditions and picking a color is often the best part.

OPI is one of the most popular brands of nail polish. With nine different collections, OPI offers a wide variety of colors to match your mood and fashion sense. Are you feeling bold, stylish, romantic, enticing, adventurous? There’s a collection to fit your every mood. For instance, OPI’s Bright Collection is filled with bolts of bright, bold colors; ranging from Blue My Mind, Bright Lights Big Color, Purple with a Purpose, and Green-wich Village. Sporting colors from this collection adds fun to your fingertips and a jolt of color to your style. OPI can be purchased at any Target, Ultra, Ricky’s and even your local nail salons.

Maybelline is another popular brand. Best known for its makeup, Maybelline also offers four different nail polish collections. The metallic collection offers high fashion shades with a heavy-metal edge like Amethyst Ablaze, Bold Gold, Navy Narcissist and Blue Blowout. These polishes are chip resistant and bolder then ever. Although many salons may not offer this brand, you can purchase your favorite Maybelline nail polish at your local drugstore and bring it along to the salon.

Last but not least, we cannot talk nail polish without mentioning Essie, the gold (not to mention turquoise, seafoam, yellow, orange….) standard in nail polish. This brand offers colors for every occasion from a pool party to a hot date night, from the office to a vacation. Their newest collection centers around exercising and staying fit, while the summer collection reflects the heat and energy of spending days at the beach.

Take your fashion sense to another level by styling your fingertips; give them a makeover with designs, bright colors, textures and even a new shape. Nail art tells a story and if your story happens to one filled with fashion, be adventurous and show your individuality through your fingertips.

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