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Fashion Week Exclusive: A Backstage Look at Eighteenth

braid featured photo

Alexa Galler debuted her collection entitled Eighteenth at Eyebeam Studio during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. What made her line stand apart from some of the other fashion events was her family-fueled theme. Her underlying inspiration comes from her father. Alexa told me that her collection was based on her “dad’s uniform of khakis, polos, and suits,” done in “textured and enhanced fabrics. It’s like a daughter wearing her dad’s clothes.”

The clothes did appear dad-inspired, which made for a chic androgynous look. “My male assistant tried on a lot of the clothing and it looked good on him!” Alexa exclaimed. But the clothing itself was not the only element that was inspired by her father. It was a true presentation all around as the auditory ambiance was carefully chosen to fit the theme. NPR was playing in the background and although I wasn’t sure why at first, Alexa told me that “NPR was on for a reason. That’s what my dad listened to.”

Crimping and lots of texture seemed to be the main concept behind the hair styling for the collection. Alexa did mention that her father’s hair was a big influence on that. She used a masculine color palette, consisting mostly of muted colors and greys. Drop-crotch trousers, boyfriend shirts, and sweaters appropriately took center stage for her line, which was as stylish as it was wearable. Virtually all her pieces looked supremely comfortable.

Tsubasa Watanabe was one of the models featured in Alexa’s presentation. She told me that she “loved the look. I always loved boyfriend shirts. Some of her pieces reminded me of Yoji Yamamoto and Limi Feu.” Tsubasa is much more than a model; she is also an amazing photographer. Spending a lot of time backstage gives her the opportunity to catch some spectacular shots that usually only models and stylists are privy to. She is responsible for the photos shown in this article, and you can see more at her photoblog, Candy + Sky. (  To view Alexa Galler’s collection visit her website (

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