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Fashion’s Night Out NY Style

fno featured

Fashion’s Night Out. One of the most chaotic nights of one of the most chaotic weeks of the New York City calendar. This year did not disappoint. As usual the attendees and vibrancy of the many events and parties poured out onto the streets, uniting fashion lovers of all types.

My gal pals and I first hit up Opening Ceremony’s event at The Ace Hotel. They were holding Karaoke and it was more than just a party performance. At a dollar per song you not only got to show off your talents (or lack there of) but you were donating to Broome Street Academy. I talked to one of the Opening Ceremony reps about fashion icon Chloe Sevigny’s line with the company, and seems she’ll be upping the ante on the fun factor in the near future.

Soho was overwhelmingly awesome as always on this fine fashion eve. We hit up Supra (where Q-Tip was spinning records) to check out some fresh kicks. Also checked out Wolverine, where there were not only cool shoes, but dogs running around everywhere.

We popped into Prada and Seychelles as well, soaking in some of their style before everything closed up. We then soaked in the madness that is the Soho streets post-Fashion’s Night Out: the NYPD, tipsy fashionistas, and pure chaos.

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