Fit Woman NYC’s Six Basic Exercises:
Week Number One—Bodysquats


YouTube Preview ImageWould you like to learn the secret to getting and staying in great shape? Gimmicks don’t work and exercise fads come and go. The secret is to master the basics and integrate them into a well rounded fitness program. We’re going to teach you proper form and function for six exercise essentials, moves that lay the groundwork for a strong fitness foundation which you can build upon. Each exercise will be demonstrated on a video followed by a written explanation. Please feel free to email any and all questions you may have to: fitwomannyc@hotmail.com

It is advised that you check with your physician prior to beginning any exercise program.

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Squats are an essential move to have in any structured exercise program. It’s such a productive exercise because it works many muscle groups at once. It trains all the major muscle groups in your legs, lower back, and abdominals. Squats teach your body to operate as a single unit where many muscle groups are working together to complete a single task.

Proper technique for performing a squat is very important. The beginning position is to stand with feet shoulder width apart, shoulders back, chest and eyes up. The movement is initiated by shifting your hips back as though you’re sitting in a chair. Bend your knees and hips lowering your torso towards the floor. When your hips are parallel with your knees, press up through your heels back to starting position without locking knees at the top of the movement.

To ensure proper form, remember to keep your shoulders back and eyes up throughout the exercise. Don’t look down or flex your torso too far forward. Also, it’s important to make sure throughout the range of motion that your knees track over your toes and don’t buckle inwards. Your bodyweight should be distributed through your heels (not your toes) and NEVER lock your knees at any point in the exercise. A squat should be performed in a slow controlled manner (you build more strength on the lowering phase) so be careful not to descend too quickly. Build up to 3 sets of 15 repetitions or add hand weights to increase difficulty.

Email questions to: fitwomannyc@hotmail.com

Photos and videos by Roberta Ruocco.

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