Fit Woman NYC: Fitness Rut Busters


Even the most dedicated exercise enthusiast can hit a speed bump in their fitness routine. The secret to getting and staying in shape is consistency, so don’t let a brief change in momentum sideline you from your fitness goals. Motivating yourself comes from a personal place deep within, but a few of the following tips should help get you over the hump.

1. Get a Training Partner

When you share a commitment with someone to get in shape you’re less likely to miss a workout. Training with a friend, relative, or co-worker is a great way to bond and spend time together. Have you ever been in Central Park during lunch hour? It’s generally packed with corporate people running together. I’m convinced this is where the real power deals are brokered. Challenge your partner to some interval training. It’s the best way to zap fat and burn more calories.

2. Try a New Activity

As an avid cyclist who rarely has time for anything else, I decided to trade in my bike one day for a pair of tap shoes after seeing the movie The Artist. It was physically exhilarating in a way I hadn’t expected. The cross training adds a dimension of diversity to my routine that I now look forward to. Find your own passion and don’t be afraid to try something new out of your comfort zone. Participating in different activities is a great way to stay physically and emotionally engaged in your wellness.

3. Add a Soundtrack to Your Workout

Music makes the world a better place. Adding sound with a rhythm and beat can radically change the way you move and feel. If you already listen to music while exercising, download some new tunes. Try different genres for different activities. I prefer slow ballads and instrumentals while stretching and fast paced high energy tracks for vigorous workouts. Find what works to motivate you and make it your own.

4. Be Fashion Forward

It’s fashionable to be fit, so it’s not surprising that fitness-wear has crossed the line into fashion-wear. Brands like Lululemon and Lucy have made fitness leggings and tops trendy, sexy and fun. Invest in a wardrobe that makes you look forward to moving your body. If you put the clothes on, you’re more likely to do what you’re supposed to in them. It never hurts to feel hip and chic – even while exercising.

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