Fit Woman NYC Six Basic Exercises:
Week Six—Push Up Hold and Pushups


Performing a push up hold is a great way to improve strength in your upper body. The primary muscles used are your pecs, core, anterior deltoids, triceps, and glutes. To get in the proper starting position, place hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Reach legs long behind you and push up on your hands and balls of your feet. This position is similar to a plank, but your arms are extended straight and you’re on your hands instead of your elbows. Squeeze glutes, lengthen your spine, and pull your abdominals up while breathing in and out. Don’t hyperextend your neck by looking up or sideways. Maintain a straight line in your body from head to toe. Build up endurance and strength by holding this position for up to a minute. When this gets easy, for an additional challenge try lifting your leg up and down while maintaining good body position.

YouTube Preview ImageThe progression from a push up hold is to perform a push up. It’s okay to begin doing this exercise on your knees if necessary. While in a push up hold, breathe in and lower your body towards the floor. Breathe out contract abdominals and hips than push your body up to starting position. It’s okay when first trying this move to start with a short range of motion. The important thing is to maintain good form and proper body alignment. As you increase your upper body and core strength you’ll be able to lower yourself further towards the ground. Build up to performing 8-10 repetitions in a row.

This week’s exercise—push up hold and pushups—is the sixth in a series to help you get into, and stay in, great shape. Gimmicks don’t work and exercise fads come and go. The secret is to master the basics and integrate them into a well rounded fitness program. Follow Melissa Conte, our Fit Woman NYC, as she outlines proper form and function for six exercise essentials, moves that lay the groundwork for a strong fitness foundation which you can build upon. Read the story and follow the video. Please feel free to email any and all questions you may have to:

It is advised that you check with your physician prior to beginning any exercise program.

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Photos and videos by Roberta Ruocco.

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