Fit Woman NYC—Stability Ball Basics


Stability balls are a great training tool for every exercise program. Any movement done on an unstable surface such as a stability ball is inherently more challenging. While sitting, leaning, or laying on a ball you’re forced to recruit additional synergistic muscles just to maintain balance, posture, and control. Integrating the ball into even basic exercises can help to develop greater neuromuscular awareness and coordination.

YouTube Preview ImageAs far as inexpensive home gym equipment, stability balls are a great way to add variety and difficulty to your training routine. They can be used as a bench or chair for seated and prone exercises. Balls come in many colors and sizes and proper fit is important. When sitting on a ball your thighs should be parallel with the ground. If you’re ordering a ball online follow the chart below:

Ball Size                                               User Height

45 cm                                                     under 5 feet

55 cm                                                      5 feet-5’7

65 cm                                                      5’8-6’3

75 cm                                                      6’3-above

Weighted stability balls are available and can be beneficial for training. They’re helpful for beginners because they’re less likely to roll out from underneath you. Lifting or holding a weighted ball while performing a lower body movement can add additional core and upper body work.

Please remember to check with your physician prior to beginning any exercise program. Email any and all questions to

Melissa’s Stability Ball Series builds on her introductory Basic Exercises Series where she demonstrates Body Squats, Lunges, Planks, Improving Balance, and Bridges. Review this week’s introduction to determine what size ball you should be using. (Most gyms provide stability balls for their clients or you may purchase your own at a sports equipment supply store or online at Perform Better). The Stability Ball Series begins next Friday with Stability Ball Body Squats. Prepare by reviewing the basics. Click on each title to access the exercise.

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