How Quirky is That? 5 of the Strangest Kitchen Items You’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever walked into a store, looked at a product and thought to yourself, “Who in their right mind would buy that?” Surprisingly, there are many kitchen gadgets floating around that not only prompt that same question, but there are those who have taken the query a step further and actually purchased that quizzical gadget. As strange as they may look, as unconventional as they may appear, and as impractical as we may think they are, some widgets—odd as they may seem—actually serve a purpose.

Here are five kitchen gadgets that may not have won any innovation of the year awards, but someone somewhere has found a use for these quirky inventions.

Onion Goggles

Whether mild, pungent, sweet or sharp, onions are a tasty addition to many dishes. However, these edible bulbs can be the bane of anyone’s culinary existence when it comes to chopping them. If you’ve ever cried at a sappy love story or bawled at witnessing your favorite sports team lose to their arch nemesis, you know the kind of tears that cutting into an onion can produce.

Apparently, someone had spare time on their hands and came up with these nifty Onion Goggles. Yes, they’re strange looking and donning them won’t win you any friends in the fashion industry, but they allegedly block out those disastrous vapors that can occur when slicing ‘n dicing onions.

Trio Plate

Unless I’m displaying gluttonous qualities that simply cannot be abated, I’m at a loss as to the need for this trio of fused together plates except perhaps at a picnic. No need to run back for seconds or thirds—everything you need is already on your plate.

Made of glazed ceramic, this trio of plates may not offer much in the way of practicality (unless you’re at the aforementioned picnic), but if nothing else you’ll be well-stocked, well-fed and the life of the party.

Remote Controlled Beverage Cooler

Hammacher Schlemmer, those wonderful folks with the difficult name that no one can pronounce, has made it far too easy for anyone to indulge in that beloved pastime that we refer to as sheer laziness. With the click of a remote, summon a frosty cold one to come to you with this Rolling Beverage Cooler.

Holding up to twelve cans or bottles with ice, there’s no end to the laziness—well, until the cooler is empty and it’s time to refill it. Picnics, cookouts, game day, tailgating and even the kitchen will never be the same.

The Ex 5-Piece Knife Set

Admittedly, this kitchen find has a decidedly menacing slant, but its quirky nature makes it a conversation piece “to die for.” The set comes with five heavy gauge stainless steel knives, including an all-important 8-inch chef’s knife, which no well-equipped kitchen should be without. Holding it all together is a sturdy character totally willing to take every stab that you have to dole out, and then some.

Pizza Scissors

How many times have you wanted to grab a pair of scissors, cut a slice of pizza and scoop it up on a built-in spatula-like shelf without giving it a second thought? Well now you can, thanks to this positively goofy looking contraption. Sure, some will scoff at the mere idea of scissors for pizza.

“Why not just use a sharp knife,” they’ll ask.

Because this is so much more fun! All you do is cut and serve. It’s that simple.

These gadgets may or may not prove to make your life easier and hassle-free in the kitchen, but one thing is certain: they’ll definitely make life more interesting.

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