Investigative Nature Walk


As we enter the fall season, taking walks in a park, a wooded area, even on the sidewalk, could lead to some interesting collecting of twigs, leaves, stones, pebbles, pine cones and … more! But, have your kids bring a magnifying glass to really investigate the area. Even a pair of plastic gloves for picking up “stuff”, and a couple bags for separating collections. The magnifying glass could be fascinating as they peer at the trunk of a tree even the various elements in the sidewalk or the path.

For some silly reason, I just envisioned Sherlock Hemlock. Remember him? When Sesame Street was in its early stages, Kermit the Frog donned a cap and coat like Sherlock Holmes and was the detective in the neighborhood. That’s it! Your kids could become Detective Janie for the walk looking for clues about science or, perhaps, some mystery you all create. Anyway — have fun on your next walk!

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