It’s Grilling Time! 5 Bodacious
BBQ Gadgets Fit for a Grill Master

Grilling season is officially upon us, as if you couldn’t tell by the savory, smoky grilled aromas wafting through your neighborhood. More likely than not, there’s a designated grill master at your homestead who takes pleasure in lording over the grill. You know, it’s that lone individual, usually a male, who commandeers control of the grill, wields a set of tongs like a Samurai warrior and declares himself ruler of all he surveys.

For those backyard prodigies of the barbecue ilk who think they have it all together, perhaps there’s at least one item that’s missing from their grilling arsenal.

Hot Pot BBQ Grill

If space is at a premium, but you still want to get in on some great grilling action, going incognito is the only way to go. For the undercover grill aficionados come Black and Blum’s Hot Pot BBQ Grill. Cleverly disguised as an herb plant, once you take a closer look the truth is revealed: it’s a grill! This ingenious invention pulls double duty – you can actually grow herbs on the top half. Remove the top portion and viola…its grilling time! This is the product that BBQ-loving gardeners will be totally smitten with this.

Chef Pals Meat Thermometers

The thrill of grilling is back! Chef Pals just made the day of every pork, beef and chicken lover on the planet with their Barn Yard Animal Thermometers. You couldn’t possibly find a cuter, more adorable way to check on the readiness of your meat. And for as endearing as it is, presumably it actually works! Designed for the kitchen and available in pig, chicken and cow form, you might be able to get away with using them on the grill as well, thanks to the 36-inch heat resistant cable attached to the steel probe that lets you gauge the meat temperature while you cook. If cuteness is your only concern, each animal emits its own respective unique sound when it reaches the desired temperature. Listen up for the moo, cock-a-doodle-doo or oink.

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Kabob Set

Let’s face it: at least once in your life, you’ve wanted to skewer something . . . anything. Well now, take control of the grill and skewer to your heart’s content with this cool kabob set from Weber. Load up the skewers with your favorite meats, fish or veggies and grill up to six hearty helpings at once, safely and conveniently on the enclosed rack. No more kabobs in the flames. This gadget will really make you look like a pro.

Heat Shield BBQ Tools

With all of that food on the grill, how are you going to handle it like a pro? To be the best, you have to come armed with the best. These Heat Shield BBQ Tools from Hammacher Schlemmer are durable and purposeful, albeit looking like something that The Three Musketeers would use in a duel to the death. The ergonomic stainless steel guard on each tool—fork, tongs and spatula—protects the hands from excessive grill heat and extend from 18 1/4” to 24” for ease of flipping, poking and griping.

Bar B Q Chef Wine Bottle Caddy

Toiling over a hot grill can be tiresome, draining and leave even the best of grill masters parched and thirsty. First, reach for a cold, refreshing glass of water. Second, after your thirst is quenched, reach for this wacky BBQ-inspired caddy that holds a bottle of your favorite vino. This truly distinctive caddy fashioned of sculpted recycled steel is as much a conversation piece as it is functional. To make it even more personal, why not saddle your caddy with its own moniker? All the great grill masters do . . .

Equipped with just the right tools, anyone can be the master of their domain and proudly refer to themselves as a bona fide grill master.

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