Library Way—Reading Your Way Across 41st Street

If you are a true New Yorker, you rarely walk down a street with your head held high. The risk is too great you will trip on a badly maintained sidewalk or, despite the pooper-scooper law, step into something you’d rather avoid. You can be forgiven, however, for looking down if you walk across 41st Street, from Grand Central Station to the New York Public Library. Known as Library Way, these city sidewalks boast 96 bronze sidewalk plaques with quotations taken from literature and poetry.

If you’ve ever wondered how these bronze plates came about, the initiative was undertaken nearly five years ago by the Grand Central Partnership with the assistance and support of the New York Public Library, the property owners and commercial tenants along 41st Street, library organizations, and the New York City Department of Transportation. The project was officially dedicated on May 27, 2004.

Previously, 41st Street was treated as a “backstage” entrance where deliveries were made to companies and restaurants along 42nd Street. Now, however, the street has been transformed into a destination. Library Way has bestowed class and integrity to the street and many upscale hotels and restaurants have taken up residence there.

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