Chris Nirschel1, Krysten Ritter and Tom Murro 2

Life Happens in New York City

Chris Nirschel1, Krysten Ritter and Tom Murro 2

By Tom Murro

Celebrity Magnet writer, Tom Murro, hit the red carpet at the SVA Theater for Monday night’s screening of Life Happens. The movie is a comedy about three single women who share an apartment and how their lives change when one of them has a baby.  The film stars Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter, Justin Kirk, Jason Biggs, and Kristen Johnson.

Above: Chris Nirschel, Krysten Ritter and Tom Murro

Above: Chris Nirschel, Fallon Goodson, Tom Murro

Following the screening, A-listers including the film’s star and Breaking Bad actress Krysten Ritter, Hurt Locker actor Brian Geraghty, Sky Nellor, Designer Stacy Bendet, Project Runway’s Althea Harper, actress Fallon Goodson, Celebrity Chef Chris Nirschel, Murro and the film’s producer Lauren Bratman, headed over to a swank private room adjacent to the rooftop in the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Private Roof Club.

Above: Tom Murro, Brian Geraghty, Chris Nirschel

Photo: Chris Nirschel, Althea Harper, Tom Murro

Photo: Krysten Ritter, Fallon Goodson

The beautiful room was set up with tables topped with bottles of Amaretto and Sour mix. The only notable event of the night occurred when Krysten Ritter pulled Brian Geraghty in for a quick makeout session despite the fact she’s almost a foot taller than Brian.  The random session was witnessed by at least 20 people, unfortunately it was over before anyone could get their cameras out.  Are these two known to be a couple?

Photo: Tom Murro, Sky Nellor, Chris Nirschel

Photo: Tom Murro, Stacy Bendet, Chris Nirschel

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