Looking for a Good Workout? Get Sandbagged!


Want to work your core, grip, shoulders, arms and legs simultaneously? Who doesn’t, right? I suggest sandbag training.

YouTube Preview ImageSandbags are versatile and exciting pieces of gym equipment. Not only can you do all the traditional exercises you do with dumbbells, you can also throw, flip, drag and carry them. What makes them effective is actually their awkwardness. Because the sand moves inside the bag during lifts and throws, the bag works balance and stability during your strength training session. Many bags do not have handles, holding the sand bag without handles builds grip strength, an area overlooked in many people.

Sandbags are great for a change in workout routine, not only will you build muscle but also improve cardiovascular capacity.

George Guerin is a personal trainer whose client list includes some of New York’s best toned bodies. His website is

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