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Wonderful Wequassett

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There’s no place on Earth quite like Cape Cod. And there’s no place on Cape Cod like Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. Beautiful location, delicious food, superb service; Wequassett is the perfect storm of hospitality. In fact, this is the only Four-Star and Four-Diamond resort on Cape Cod.

A member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts, Wequassett offers world class accommodations. There’s truly something for everyone. Wequassett became a vacation destination over sixty-five years ago; the current registration building (below) dates back to 1740. History buffs will be in clover; the Cape is a great place to discover our country’s beginnings. The rooms are completely up-to-date, with cutting edge technology. Technophiles will love the control they have over every aspect of their lodgings. This is a most romantic setting for grown-ups. And for the kids, included in the recent multi-million dollar renovation is a new Children’s Center, complete with pirate ship.

The resort is nestled on the elbow of the cape, and overlooks serene Pleasant Bay. Even non- walkers will find it tempting to stroll through the twenty-seven acres of flowers, trees, and grass. Gardeners will appreciate the painstaking work involved in making the grounds look as though everything is just growing wild. Plus, the air is so sweet, the most jaded city lungs will breathe deeply and feel renewed.

The one hundred-twenty rooms and suites are deluxe, immaculate and comfortable, and feature Cape Cod motifs, including spic-and-span white walls, and curtains and chairs adorned with a charming lobster pattern. Make no mistake; there is nothing shabby here, no trace of the ramshackle atmosphere that many people equate with Cape Cod.

There’s plenty to do, if you’re so inclined. I’d prefer to just sit and gaze out at the dappled water. One morning, we saw two swans perched at water’s edge; and the seagulls put on a show, snagging clams, flying up, and dropping them, then plucking out breakfast.

Craving more? There are two well-appointed pools, including an Olympic-grade adult lap pool; two easily accessible beaches; lots of water sports and boating; eighteen holes of golf available; and four Har-Tru tennis courts. The food in the four onsite restaurants is divine. If this isn’t enough, there are also abundant opportunities for shopping and antiquing in the nearby picturesque town of Chatham. Not to mention the fact that Wequassett hosts the Cape Cod Summer Jazz Festival, which features popular performers, and lots of entertaining events.

As impressive as all this is, what really makes Wequassett extraordinary is the quality of service. Without exception, the staff is unfailingly professional, polite, and helpful. Pull out a camera, and someone will magically appear to ask if you’d like your picture taken. As it happened, the batteries we brought with us were no good. When our camera wouldn’t work at dinner, Maître d’hotel Joseph Sadlemire took the time from his busy schedule to bring us new ones. Where do you find this quality of caring?

This incomparable hospitality all begins the moment you pull up to the door. We were greeted by Jay, who led us to our room after the quick and painless check-in. He then explained to us- several times- how to operate the technology; and not once did he grimace or give any kind of “Are you kidding? You don’t know how to turn on the fireplace?” attitude.

Much to our delight, we were welcomed with a bottle of champagne, and a platter of cheese, crackers, and grapes to tide us over until dinner. Lovely Latoya came to turn down the bed, refresh the ice bucket, and place a bottle of water on either side of the bed. The bed itself, an impressive four-poster, was huge, a real boon to my husband, who has to endure a wife who is the world’s most restless sleeper. The mattress was blissfully comfortable, and there was an extra pillow and comforter stashed away in the closet.

No detail is overlooked at Wequassett. There are so many pleasing little touches, like the two suitcase stands that are provided. I mean, who travels with just one suitcase? The pantry and fridge are stocked with goodies, all at shockingly reasonable prices. The Keurig coffee maker came complete with special blend coffee, extra dark roast, decaf, hot chocolate, and two types of tea.

The bathroom is a dream. If I could have, I would absolutely have taken home the rain shower head; what heaven. Normally, we never have enough towels. Here, they are soft, fluffy, and in abundance. The toiletries are the best, and yes, we did take those home. My husband loved the jetted tub. And once again, everything is spotlessly clean.

Everyone who works at Wequassett smiles and greets the guests. When they say, “If there’s anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask,” they really mean it. There’s a cheerfully friendly attitude, professional but also relaxed, which to me means they have a great boss.

The moment you meet managing partner Mark Novota, everything falls into place. He’s such a warm, open man, with genuine enthusiasm for Wequassett. He’s dedicated to seeing that guests are treated superbly, and that his staff is appreciated and acknowledged.

“What I like best is the fact that we’re creating wonderful memories,” Mark explains. “We’ve had generations of families staying here. The only thing better than having a Wequassett wedding is having the daughter get married here, too…and then, her daughter.” Mark is equally enthusiastic about his staff. When I mention that there’s no feeling of “the boss is here, pass it on,” he illuminates. “We hire all the best people here; we let them use their talent to be innovative. Nobody has to check with Corporate to see if it’s OK to do something. If it will mean a better experience for the guest, it’s encouraged. This is an ongoing process, in effect every day.”

Mark has created a philosophy of finding opportunities to perform “heroic acts.” He recounts that once a staff member noticed one of the guests had a flat tire on his car. “Not only did he fix it, but he got the other guys involved, and they washed the car, too! What’s great is that the customer didn’t even know he had a flat in the first place!”

In the twenty-six years he’s been a part of the resort, Novota has always considered it a labor of love, and has been completely hands-on in making improvements. He proudly points to the gleaming dining room chandeliers and confides, “I picked them- and redid them.” His refined taste and common sense are everywhere; everything is exquisite, nothing is uncomfortable.

“Above all, we’re advocates for the consumer; we love to surprise by going above and beyond what’s expected. Our goal is to create a sense of customer intimacy. Value is achieved by great service. The culture is everything; employees must be inspired.”

Asked to sum up what makes Wequassett so outstanding, he reflects, “ This is where passion meets proficiency. One is no good without the other. When you have both, the sky’s the limit.”

Wequassett is small enough to feel like you’re on a family vacation, surrounded by people who care about you; and big enough to provide all the luxury and comfort anyone could wish for in a first class retreat. We can’t wait to go back.

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club
On Pleasant Bay, Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 02633
800-225-7125; www.wequassett.com

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Michall Jeffers and her husband, photographer John Warner, enjoy chronicling their travels together in her words and his images. Michall writes extensively, both in print and online. Her eponymous cable TV show is syndicated throughout the tri-state area, and features celebrity interviews, reviews, and commentary. www.michalljeffers.com

Photo credit: John Warner

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