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New York Fashion Designers:
Get Ready For The New Batch

launch featured

There is a fashionable storm a brewin’ in Brooklyn. Or incubating rather. Manufacture New York is a new independent incubator designed to train and mentor the next generation of U.S. clothing designers. The goal is to create a showroom, a factory and studios to properly prepare emerging designers with the tools they need to succeed in the fashion industry.

Bob Bland (photo above), the founder of the independent label Brooklyn Royalty is the director and the creator behind this concept. She feels that there isn’t enough infrastructure in place for talented designers to make it in an industry that is now almost exclusively outsourced.

“We just need the industry to step up and re-emphasize leadership and mentorship and make that a priority again. It hasn’t always been this hard [to make it in the apparel industry]. It’s always been difficult. People should always have to work their asses off and prove they are dedicated. But this project is for people that have done that already but still cannot take it to the next level without some help.”

The incubator trend is one that is taking off. Pratt is also starting an incubator, though Bob tells me that her particular project aims to help over 100 designers in its first year. Manufacture New York plans on helping these designers create, manufacture and sell their own clothing.

In order to raise the money necessary (they are aiming for $50,000) to begin the construction of these facilities, a Kickstarter Launch Party will take place this Monday at Brooklyn Farmacy. There will be ice cream, great giveaways, and sewing demos.

When: Monday, October 15th
Time: 7pm-9pm
Where: Brooklyn Farmacy (513 Henry Street (at Sackett St) Brooklyn, NY 11231)
Nearest Subway: Carroll F/G

Photos by Peter Roessler

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