O2 Holistic Spa and Center—For a Relaxing Retreat


Whether you’re interested in receiving relaxing spa treatments, intrigued by yoga, or looking for a café with an all vegan menu, O2 has something for you.

The captivating group of rustic buildings off of Cross River Road known as Yellow Monkey Village is the home of the O2 Holistic Spa & Center for Wellness and the O2 Live Food Café. Among the establishments that compose Yellow Monkey Village are antique shops, the O2 boutique, spa, yoga studios and café, as wells as the most charming red telephone booth that is sadly out of commission.

Located in Cross River ,New York, O2 Living offers classes catering to longtime yogis and beginners alike. The center offers basic entry-level courses like beginner yoga, where students learn basic concepts, postures, alignment and breathing. For those looking to step it up a notch there is beginner hot yoga—the positions are similar but the class takes place in a room heated to 90 degrees to enhance depth in postures.

O2 Living also offers advanced courses like power vinyasa or hot level 2-3 vinyasa. In addition to having both advanced and beginner lessons, O2 has “all level” courses where beginners and pros get together in meditation, restorative, and kundalini classes.

O2 Holistic Spa & Center for Wellness offers an array of spa treatments. From the O2 living destination day spa retreats to deep tissue massages, there is something for every price range. The essence massage which is described as “a blissful integration of reflexology, Swedish and deep tissue massage enhanced with a combination of custom blend O2 aroma therapy and body oils to release tight and overworked muscles while soothing all of the senses,” (90minutes/$200) also includes 20 minutes of pure oxygen inhalation therapy. Some of the other massages offered are hot stone, deep tissue and Swedish massages which have both 60 minute and 90-minute options.

In addition to relaxing massages, the O2 Holistic Spa & Center for Wellness offers numerous facials, like the oxygen rejuvenation facial, treatments, like Dr. Hauschka’s cleansing treatment which is comprised of deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and lymph stimulation for a healthy glow and an ultimate body cleanse which includes a spa lunch.

O2 Live Food Café Chef Tom Donnelly provides guests with refreshing smoothies, juices and wheat grass shots. The café only serves vegan products so the smoothies and juices are made with nothing but fresh fruit, veggies and ice. One of the café’s new smoothies is made with orange juice, vanilla bean and coconut water; the smoothie is reminiscent of a creamsicle, minus the guilt. The café also sells hand rolled vegetarian sushi, live and macrobiotic soups, vegan pizza and an assortment of sorbets.

O2 also has a signature cleanse that is available for a 3 day ($210), 5 day ($350) or 7 day program ($490). The cleanse is made on site using organic fruits and vegetables. The assortment of daily juices is meant to cleanse and detoxify the body. The cleanse products are limited to delivery within the O2 local community area, NYC, and parts of Connecticut, but customers are more then welcome to pick them up in the store.

If you’re looking for a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of New York City, take a drive up to the O2 Holistic Spa & Center for Wellness in Yellow Monkey Village, if not for one of their spa treatments then for the original all vegan menu.

6 Yellow Monkey Village
Cross River, NY 10518
(914) 763-6320

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