Pucker Up with Exude Lipsticks


Exude Lipstick’s co-founder Diane Breidenbach saw several problems with most of the lipsticks and lip glosses on the market today, namely that they lost their shape easily, they were difficult to apply and you always end up wasting that little bit at the bottom of the tube. Breidenbach (who is also credited with inventing the perfume roller ball in 1995) developed Exude’s new lipstick application technology with her husband Larry Mielle as an answer to all of traditional lipstick’s woes.

Exude, which comes in creme and gloss forms, has a smooth crystal applicator that releases just the right amount of lipstick and then retracts the rest inside so that the product is never wasted and the applicator always retains its pointed shape.

The brand has enlisted one of fashion’s key players, Rachel Zoe, to act as the brand’s ambassador. Zoe made an appearance at the Plaza Hotel recently to present the brand to beauty and fashion insiders. A team of makeup artists was also on hand, allowing guests to try the lipstick for themselves. The result is a creamy and high-gloss finish with a hint of minty tingle.

The lip creme comes in 9 colors including a subtle nude, pinky coral and a deep cranberry which I tried and will be perfect for fall. The shiny finish lip gloss comes in 5 shades like scarlet red, light brown and clear for just a subtle luster. All of the lipsticks are $29 and available at Exude Lipstick.

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