Palette of lipsticks

Pucker Up With Fun Summer Colors

Palette of lipsticks

I stopped by the Inglot store in Times Square this past weekend to check out summer-y shades of lipstick to bring in the hot weather season. Nothing completes a fun summer outfit like a pair of sun-kissed lips, and Inglot has plenty of new vibrant colors to help you achieve just that.

This makeup trendsetter has a great selection of playful colors available, including a surprisingly large number of purple lipsticks and paints. In fact, the store boasts an entire row of lavenders, bright purples and fuchsias. While shades of purple are not new, they are extremely popular this season. I glommed some lip paint from a colorful purple tub labeled Color # 59. Not only was it fun and bright, it gave off that much-desired wet look. Despite being a liquid paint, it stays put, so you don’t have to worry about sporting the dreaded “Why So Serious?!?” look a la The Joker.

But what really caught my attention were Inglot’s rows of orange lip colors. Not surprising considering orange has been a scorching hot choice this season, and has even been called the “new red.” Orange is a great shade for providing contrast and creates the illusion of a tanner complexion (especially great for us pale gals!).

The Inglot makeup reps confirmed that the company’s new orange and watermelon lipsticks were the most popular right now. Watermelon is a great shade for those who still want a bit of girly pink. It’s cute, feminine, and absolutely perfect for summer. For those who want to wear this juicy color trend on their lips, Color #100 is Inglot’s top shade of watermelon. I tried it on; the color was adorable and versatile enough to go with any outfit.

Although there are many shades of orange available, Color #127 has been the lipstick of choice among shoppers. And, I could see why. It brought out my eyes and really did create an illusion of a darker complexion. Although just a regular lipstick, it was soft and gave off a slightly wet look. No need to put on a finishing gloss with this lipstick! Bright and bold, it’s perfect for a fancy night out on the town. And unlike red it is not too fancy, so it’s just as appropriate for a laid-back t-shirt and jeans day.

Both Inglot’s lipsticks and lip paints were priced at 12 dollars. Check out their store at 1592 Broadway but if you can’t, just shop online at

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