Silk Flowers that Look Like the Real Thing


Flowers can add color and warmth to a room and liven up a drab table setting. Yet fresh floral arrangements are expensive and usually only last a week. Then there’s the question of pets. Many flowers are toxic to dogs and cats who may not be able to resist nibbling on a petal or leaf.

Fortunately, silk flowers are now so realistic-looking and affordable that they are turning up in the finest homes. We love the ones at Keesal & Mathews on Madison Avenue. You will have to touch each bloom to confirm that the flowers are not real. Our favorite is the red rose, $7.95 a stem. Give one as a hostess gift, or place two dozen in a vase for a spectacular arrangement. Other choices include peonies and orchids.

Keesal  & Mathews

1244 Madison Avenue, between 89th and 90th Streets


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