Six Egg-sential Gadgets That Make
Egg-cellent Additions to Any Kitchen

Nutritionists have long lauded it, our mothers have drilled it into our heads from childhood and, to this day, many of us hold on dearly to this one simple truth: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And what could pack a more powerful, delicious, protein-infused punch to start the morning off right than the incredible edible egg? With so many ways to prepare and eat eggs, there are also a bevy of gadgets crafted especially for our favorite breakfast item.

Omelette Pan

Who doesn’t love a good omelette? Whether it’s a simply prepared one filled with your favorite cheese and diced onions, or a more elaborate gourmet version stuffed with smoked salmon, chèvre chaud, sundried tomatoes, scallions and fresh dill finished with truffle oil, there’s an endless array of omelettes that the creative-minded chef—amateur and professional alike—can concoct in the kitchen. To assist those unfortunate few whose manual dexterity is less than optimal, its Nordic Ware to the rescue with this specially designed nonstick cast aluminum rolled omelette pan that makes omelette making a breeze, even for the novice. Impress your family, overnight guests, even yourself with your newfound culinary omelette-making prowess.

Silicone Whisk

When you’re busy prepping for that wonderful omelette you’re about to make and beating those eggs into submission, make sure you have the right gadget for the job. This silicone coated stainless steel whisk can get the job done with a bit of flair to boot. With an ergonomically designed handle that offers a better grip (and less chance of slippage while you’re frantically whipping), this dishwasher safe whisk won’t scratch your aluminum, ceramic, glass etc. bowls and the flexible loops sweep easily through the egg to whip it into a fluffy frenzy.

Egg Poacher

Along with simply boiling an egg, which doesn’t require the use of oils, butter or added fat, poaching is a healthy alternative to preparing eggs. And while there are less sophisticated egg poachers on the market, sometimes you just want to take a walk on the high-end side and see how the other half lives. This Calphalon nonstick poacher makes it easy to poach the perfect egg in style—up to four at a time with the included perforated nonstick cups with handles for easy removal. When not poaching, use the included pan for everyday cooking.

Egg Slicer

Sliced or diced, what’s your pleasure? You can have it both ways with this OXO egg slicer that pulls double duty. Slices eggs round or oblong. Swivel the slicer and press again for chopped eggs. Perfect for when you want your egg creations to make an aesthetic statement and make a great presentation. Makes slicing and chopping an egg much simpler—and faster—than using a knife.

Egg Topper

Hard and soft boiled eggs are a joy to sit down to at the breakfast table. But what about when you crack the top of the shell and it breaks apart in little pieces…annoying, isn’t it? Instead of crumbled shell with your meal, now you can cleanly and efficiently crack the top of the shell and remove it in one piece with the Rosle Egg Topper. Simply lift and release the handle and the sharp domed edge does all the work. All you have to do is remove the shell and enjoy your breakfast, shell free.

Egg Cup Set

Now that you have that perfect soft boiled egg and you’re ready to sit down at revel in the luscious flavor, wouldn’t it be great to place it in its own special cup as you use the Rosle Egg Topper to remove the top shell? The Cilio Egg Cup Set is the perfect accompaniment to cradle the beautiful egg you’re about to devour. This beautiful porcelain saucer-inspired creation has a built-in holder for the egg as well as special nooks for the salt shaker and spoon, both included. Now that’s living.

Jump start your day with these egg-citing finds and make your mother proud.

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Egg-cellent Additions to Any Kitchen

  1. While I have managed to make some progress in making omelettes–mainly by shaking the pan just before the omelette sets in different areas–I have no idea how the dual pan would work. I understand the concept of the folding and flipped over omelette pan. Perhaps you can explain how the Nordic Pan works?

  2. Although it seems a little strange, you actually roll the omelette using the included spatula. The end result is a rectangular omelette, not the more typical half moon shaped one that we’re used to seeing. This is the type of omelette that cooks/chefs usually make at custom egg stations on buffets. They definitely have a knack for it.

    Here’s a video that shows you exactly how to use the Nordic Ware Rolled Omelette Pan –

    Hope your omelette turns out egg-cellent!


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