Social Butterfly on a Budget


With the Sex and the City franchise shaping our ideal of what a social life should look like, many women are left with disappointment and empty pockets. Nowadays it’s hard to have your cake and eat it too. So what’s a girl to do? S.P.E.N.D. — Save, Prioritize, Expense, Network and Divert.

Let’s start with Save. Being a socialite is not cheap.Not only do you like to go out and party, but you also like to dress the part, so it is important to stash away some money for upcoming outings or your everyday happy hours. With today’s technology, you have many ways to find great deals that can save you money. Sign up with or to receive daily coupons, via email, on specials right in your neighborhood. Their coupons range from restaurants and spas to clothes and sight-seeing.

Prioritize. Map out your plans and try to stretch your social events over time rather than cramming them into one or two weeks. This gives your pocket (and your feet!) a rest and allows you to save up more money for the next round.

Expense. Take advantage, while observing your company’s guidelines, of work lunches and dinners. Besides taking care of business, you may get to enjoy a meal on your employer’s dime. You also will have an opportunity to get out of the office, try new restaurants, and meet new people.

Network. Ask any thrifty girl, and she’ll tell you that it’s all about who you know. Familiarize yourself with the host/hostess, promoter, bartender or concierge at your favorite spots as they will show keep you in the loop and give you free or discounted access to the hottest events! Also, go ahead and search for local groups who share your interests on, a great place to expand your personal network.

Lastly, we have Divert. Now pay attention because this is important. You have to know when to say no. Your social life should not be such a priority that you are missing work the next morning due to a late night, or delaying paying bills so you can get a dress for next week’s fashion show.

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  1. scleck says:

    Wow. What great information you have given me. I will follow these SPEND rules from now on.

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