July09 042

South Beach Weekend—No, Not That South Beach

July09 042

How far must you go to escape city noise and crowded streets? Some of us struggle with heavy highway traffic to get to Long Island beaches; some pack a bag and go camping, again spending hours on the road.

Well, I have found a place for myself quite isolated and easily accessible in Staten Island—South Beach Park, just a 40-minute drive or a one and a half hour ride on public transportation. Its clean and curvy coast line runs along nearly the entire east side of Staten Island, with a striking view of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and a couple of small, but almost tropical, islands.

At the start of my visit, the beach line seemed to be abandoned, except for the fisherman on the Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier. As I kept walking, I could not stop taking photos; the views were spectacular. Finally spotting sunbathers, I was impressed by the tranquil scene—no noise, no screams. Even the seagulls were peacefully silent, letting the breeze catch them in the air.

Waiting no longer, I nested close to the water. I am an active person, and while at a beach I give two thumbs up to volleyball and badminton. This time, however, I opted to lie down to enjoy the breeze and just sunbathe. If you are a fan of strolling, bike-riding, or jogging on a boardwalk, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk covers 2.5 miles.

Being out in the open air will definitely make you feel hungry, but fortunately there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from in South Beach.  Planning a wedding or other event? Then check out the Vanderbilt, a popular venue for special occasions.

No matter what brings you to South Beach, it will leave you with memorable moments. Therefore, here I am, with my beach bag ready, two racquets in my hand, a big bottle of sunblock spray… and South Beach waiting for me.

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