Speak Only to Be Heard –
5 Tips to Your First Great Speech


OK, now focus and imagine everyone in their sleepwear and you‘ll be just fine!

Right….. I don’t know about you but my imagination isn’t that vivid and I would spend more of my efforts trying to imagine people in their underwear then giving them a speech.

There are several ways to go about giving that first great speech, but I will give you 5 very simple and realistic tips to making it happen.

Tip #1
Paper and Pen

Write and rewrite the material in your speech until it sounds perfect for you. Don’t use words that are hard to pronounce. It’s not about sounding smart, it’s about getting your point across in a simple way that people will remember. Practice on your friends and family members and ask for an honest response. Any constructive criticism is good criticism; you get to add to or edit your speech to accommodate several types of audiences.

Tip #2
Organize yourself

Organize your speech like a story line—a beginning, a middle, and an end to leave them thinking. You want these three points to be connected, like a road map.

Tip #3
Capture their attention!

Here is where you can be creative. Come up with an interesting fact or event that relates to your speech and your audience. If it’s something they haven’t heard before, they will remember it and you.

Tip #4

Have some chemistry with your audience. Smile, make eye contact. Exude self-confidence to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about.

Some people use humor, particularly when they’re  nervous. If you plan to add humor to your talk, make sure it’s not forced and in good taste. You don’t want people to feel uncomfortable.

Tip #5

Don’t Put Them to Sleep

Your tone can make or break your speech. People will tune you out if you speak in a monotone. If what you have to say is important, then sound like it! Be descriptive so your listeners will use their imagination and picture your points in their minds.

And just like an actor would bow after a great performance, thank your host and your audience for giving you an opportunity to enlighten them.

Elizabeth Rodriguez-Lanham is the owner of Fairytale Endings & Events Companies, based in Miami, FL.

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