Stay Motivated with Partner Exercises


Do you find yourself trying to find the motivation and time to exercise? Have you ever tried exercising with a partner or family member (if you can’t stand your family there is still no excuse, exercises can be performed with friends, co-workers or even strangers). Partner exercises are a great way to stay motivated, save money and spend time with people you enjoy.

Working out in groups builds camaraderie in the gym or on the field. Remember those childhood sports you played as a kid and the great feeling when the team accomplished a great feat? Working out with a group, team or with a partner can provide a great, fun workout that I promise will bring you back to your childhood sports career. Think of how much harder you will work with someone cheering you on. Nobody at Equinox cheers you on, right?

Below are a few fun partner exercises that I bet you haven’t done in years and is sure to give you a great workout!

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