travel with baby

Stress-Free Travels with Your Baby

travel with baby

By Pamela Weinberg

Traveling with your baby can be daunting.  Packing and hauling all of the gear, clothing, diapers etc. is an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some tips to make travel with baby (almost) a pleasure:

Lists, lists, lists. Being organized and shopping and packing for your baby in advance is a must.

Ship luggage, diapers, wipes, formula ahead of time to your destination.

Pack a great carry-on bag which includes enough extra clothing, diapers, formula and medication for 24 hours no matter how far you are traveling.

Get the name of a pediatrician near your destination, and travel with your baby’s health records.

Remind the hotel that you are traveling with a baby and request crib, refrigerator, even baby proofing in your hotel room.

Airplane boarding: board last, not first with your baby; snap ‘n go type stroller best for travel; change baby before you board.

Pamela Weinberg is co-author of City Baby: a resource guide for having a baby in New York City ( and co-founder of Mind Your Own Business Moms ( a business dedicated to helping moms return to the workplace.  Contact Pamela at, and follow her on twitter at:

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