Summer Hair—Gleaming, Streaming, Flaxen, Waxen

Nothing says summer like bronze tinged skin, golden hair, and pastel colored makeup. It’s refreshing and fun to change hair color or style to reflect the warm season ahead. I consulted with Mirjam Bayoumi, color specialist and owner of the Bayoumi Salon to find out what’s “hot” for the summer sun.

Well known throughout the world for her hair color talents, Mirjam began her career in Sweden where she developed her reputation as a hair guru, famous for doing beautiful blondes. This reputed color wiz works one on one with clients, customblending colors unique to each individual’s complexion and lifestyle. Creating alluring and natural looking hues, Bayoumi Salon is responsible for some signature looks of the most elegant and fashionable woman roaming New York’s Upper East Side.

According to Mirjam, shades big for summer are washed out hues of milky blonde and strawberry red. Hairstyles are being influenced by three previous eras with three different trends. First is the 70’s era, where the “just woken up look” reigns free. Nothing says carefree summer style like long flowing hair with chunky bangs. The 50’s are also influencing hairstyles.

Prominent looks from this era include the curlset with short bangs and hair accessories such as chiffon head scarves. In addition, the shoulder length bob with feminine loose curls reflect the elegance of this time period. An alternative look gaining popularity from the 90’s is the super cropped short haircut. These easy to care for styles are making a strong statement in vibrant bold colors such as bleached blonde.

Hair can take a beating in the sun and sand. To keep tresses glowing, Mirjam recommends using products like Enjoy which contain both UVA and UVB protection. Rinsing hair after swimming in chlorinated pools and salt water will also help to reduce damage and color fading. Deep conditioning treatments should be done more frequently to help hair maintain lost moisture.

Set up your complimentary style consultation with Mirjam by calling 646-541-4649. Bayoumi salon is located at 446 East 78th Street.


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