Sunnyside—Best of Both Worlds Minutes from Manhattan


Sunnyside, Queens is one of the most culturally diverse places in all of New York City. Located just ten minutes from Midtown Manhattan, Sunnyside boasts decades-old pubs and bars, as well as new buildings and businesses, for a mix of classic meets modern. Long time residents are fiercely loyal, while newcomers and visitors enjoy the neighborhood atmosphere. Sunnyside is the ideal place to live for those who want it all—easy access to Manhattan with the comforts of a small town. It now boasts Starbucks, wine bars, and even a night life…all existing beside old coffee houses, Mom and Pop diners and Sunday family soccer get togethers. With a rich ethnic mix, the choice of food is astounding. Residents can shop in a traditional Irish butcher shop and a Colombian bakery, and for dining choose from Indian cuisine to sushi and everything in between—all within a few blocks of each other. After dining, visitors can stroll through the famous Sunnyside Gardens.

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