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The Benefits of Recess Are Not Just for Kids

Hopscotch II

Remember how much fun recess was as a kid?

It was such a great chance to blow off some steam, run around with your friends and forget about school for a few precious minutes. We’ve lost the concept of recess as we’ve grown up. (This is too bad because we all probably really need that break in the day now more than ever. Instead, recess is substituted with work, eating or watching TV.

Sometimes our idea of unwinding is by doing work (to get ahead, finish a deadline, etc.), eating our favorite meal or snacks, or lying on the couch to watch a show that really piques our interest (sometimes while eating our favorite snacks). As tempting as it is to eat chips while watching the Simpsons, exercising or being around friends may be a better way to unwind.

Whether in the morning, noon or night, the next time you take a break from your day, make sure to incorporate a more “recess” approach and you may find that you’re happier and healthier because of it.

Try the following adult versions of childhood recess activities:

An adult version of the schoolyard game Tag: pick a 15-minute cardio activity that you really enjoy and give it your all for the allotted time.

An adult version of schoolyard mingling with friends: make a date with friends for a group exercise class, anything from a boot camp to a kickboxing class.

An adult version of releasing energy to better focus in class: meditate. Just give it a try (or a few tries because it’s hard to do). The centering, balancing and stress-relieving benefits are worth it.

Whatever activity you choose, enjoy your inner child!

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