The Dating Game: Just a Kiss on the R Train


tygerlily is giving it 40 dates—or less, she hopes—to find Mr. Right. Join her on “date” Number 6.

He smelled like trees. I smelled like vodka. It only seemed natural we’d sit next to each other. He looked so much like a man I used to love. Jill Scott was on my iPod crooning about having something better at home as I snuck glances out of the corner of my eye. He had locks and his arms were covered in ink. Clearly he blazed. That combo is like catnip to me, though I’m far too old to still fancy such childish things. Some girls get moist from stock portfolios and degrees. Aesthetics delight me so much more. Mother would be proud. I’m sure Daddy would blanch at the bang up job he’d done at raising me.

Maybe it was the vodka in my veins or maybe it was the length of time since the last time I’d had company. Whatever it was, he made my heartbeat quicken. The tune on my iPod switched to NORE “Superthug” and I couldn’t resist. I swung a leg across his lap and looked at him as if I dared him to do something about it. There was a seat between us.

He slid closer closing the gap.

I was sure my mouth tasted like a still and that his tasted like a blunt wrapper, but I didn’t care. I slid my fingers into the locks at the base of his neck and pulled him into a kiss. We were tongue wrestling on the Manhattan bound R train and I didn’t care who saw.

His hand slid up my bare legs and the tips of his fingers danced under the hem of my too-short-for-the-train-shorts. His mouth was all I thought it would be and then some. Our tongues were wrestling with one another violently trying to dominate each other. The kiss was all I wanted and then some.

We pulled into DeKalb station. I pulled out of his kiss, stood and straightened my shorts. He looked at me as though suffocating. Confused.

A kiss from him was all I wanted.

A kiss from him was all I needed.

I walked towards the door, looked over my shoulder, and NORE played on.

“Hit ‘em.”

I stepped onto the platform smiling as I walked away to my connecting train.

If he followed….

I heard the signal that the doors were closing and I waited with my back to where I’d left my train tease.

The doors closed and I was still standing on the platform alone. The iPod shuffled again to Poison, “Nothing but a Good Time.” I smiled and boarded my connection.

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