The Gift of Re-Gifting


Re-gift (verb): to give someone a gift that was previously received from someone else. Merriam-Webster Dictionary ®

Ok, so Christmas is tomorrow and you still haven’t finished your shopping. As the day grows nearer and product prices rise, you are confronted with the same problem as last year – exceeding your Christmas budget. Well, don’t fret; you may have some goodies hiding in your home! It’s time to put on your gloves and go fishing in the garage and attic to see what’s in store. Remember those candle holders that you received at last year’s corporate Christmas party? Re-gift them! What about that candy dish your mother-in-law gave you three Christmases ago to add to your already existing collection? Well re-wrap it and make it your contribution to this year’s office party. Re-gifting can be the solution to your last minute gift problems but requires a bit of thought to do it successfully.

When re-gifting it is important to follow these 5 simple rules:

Rule 1: Make sure the gift is in good and working condition. No one wants a broken or damaged item, so it there is a tear or missing component, it may be best to donate it to a charity or thrown away. Heavily used hand-me-downs should not be considered for re-gifting!

Rule 2: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT re-gift to the original giver. When you find an item eligible for re-gifting, make sure you remember who gave it to you and gift it to someone else. This will save you from embarrassment and having to explain why you aren’t keeping the gift.

Rule 3: Only re-gift items that you are comfortable parting with. Special gifts like those from your children or wedding anniversaries should be kept sacred and never given away. Otherwise, you may feel remorseful afterward.

Rule 4: Re-gift appropriately. I don’t think your great-grandmother would get good use out of an unused massage oil kit. Be thoughtful and pass gifts on to those who will appreciate them.

Rule 5: Don’t spoil the moment. While honesty is a great policy, there is no need to tell the recipient that they were last on your holiday shopping list and this is the best you could do. Instead, tell them that when you saw this item they were the first person that came to your mind.

There are tons of hidden treasures inside our homes and many of them are unused. So before you make that last minute trip to the nearest mall, dig in your own closet to see what you can find. Happy Hunting!

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