The Working Woman’s Work-Out


If I could be a superhero and chose one magical power, anything at all, I would chose to be able to eat pasta any time I want and not gain any weight. I dream about fresh pappardelle or tagliatelle with basil and tomato, Bolognese, Arrabiatta, on and on. In my dreams, my superhuman partner would be Mario Batali.

Alas, as a mortal woman beyond the age of thirty, I must discover a realistic way to be able to eat pasta, and not feel guilty. But how? I don’t have an adolescent metabolism anymore and therefore I have to do something physical to earn that golden trophy of fresh pasta or I will find myself piling on the pounds. But who has time for that? For me, it was getting down to a choice: skip pasta or consider a new way to burn calories quickly.

By chance, one evening at a woman’s networking group, I met a wonderful woman who offered the attendees a free personal training session with her special 20 minute strength program, for which one could be dressed in business clothes because there’s no sweating involved, and it was guaranteed to give you better results than a three-hour session in the gym.

You’ve got to be kidding, right? But, I’m adventurous. I’m curious. This could potentially be the answer to my problems. The only way I was going to find out the truth was to take her up on her offer.

So, I made an appointment with Evelyn, the female trainer from the networking event, for the middle of the business day on a Tuesday. The challenge was on. I traveled to her gym in midtown, conveniently located by the Citicorp Center, wearing business-casual clothing. (I knew enough to realize, regardless of the claim, a pencil skirt or high heels would not allow me to be flexible enough during any kind of workout). I arrived at Living Proof personal training, ready to learn about Evelyn’s secret.

Evelyn welcomed me with a big hug, asked me to fill out some papers about medical and work-out history and sign them, and then brought me into the compact gym. The gym was composed of back-to-back “nautilus-style” machines called Med-X. Highly sophisticated, they are considered the best in the world because they are amazingly safe, effective and can be adjusted for any body type or size.

Evelyn “locked” me into several machines, one by one. We worked my hamstrings and glutes, then quads and more glutes, followed by lower back, obliques, then abdominals, shoulders, upper back and pectorals. Before I knew it, the 20-minute circuit was over.

Evelyn congratulated me afterward and asked how I felt. “Well, I don’t feel sweaty, thanks to the oscillating fans. I feel like I’ve hit a “work-out wall,” which means I have to replenish my food supply, now! And yet I also feel energized.”

Evelyn explained the process is based on science. High Intensity Strength Training taps into your body’s natural physiology for developing strong, lean muscle. It boosts your metabolism, burns fat and gives you an intense cardio workout. That old myth, women should work out with light weights and do many repetitions so they don’t bulk up is wrong. In fact, scientific evidence supports that to receive maximum results, we need to do fewer repetitions and at a slower speed, with much heavier weights.

It gets even better, folks, science also shows that 97 percent of the time, the average person spends at the gym yields them no benefit. When I work out with Evelyn, she is only having me do the exact amount of exercise that will give me fast and measurable results, and that can be done in less than 20 minutes a week.

After leaving Evelyn that day, I quickly ran to eat something healthy then immediately returned to my desk, dressed in those same clothes, ready to conquer the world.

Fast forward, six months of training with Evelyn have made me a High Intensity Strength Training junkie. My waist has become noticeably smaller. My thighs are tighter and there’s no longer a bump between the thigh and the backside. People tell me I look younger. And what’s more, I now have more time than I did pre-“Evelyn” to do other things, like eat pasta, because my work-out time has been cut from five hours a week to two and a half hours a week with better results.

I always did make time, several hours a week, in fact, for the gym, prior to the first session with Evelyn. Despite that fact, I still hadn’t been able to achieve the results that I have by strength training with her. The results I mentioned above are real. And, yes, I can eat reasonable amounts of pasta these days and not feel a shred of guilt.

If you also dream about pasta, you can find Evelyn training in two locations: Midtown Manhattan and in Port Washington. You can contact her at 718-213-6609 or evelyn@livingproofnyc.com and mention “Woman Around Town” to receive a free trial session. Evelyn Hatzigeorgiou is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and was the in-house High Intensity Strength Training Expert at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Towers, where she was cited for excellence.

Susan Goldberg’s company, SGES, conducts retained senior level executive searches for businesses and provides career coaching for both executives and recent college graduates. Her website is www.susangoldbergsearch.com and Susan can be contacted at susan@susangoldbergsearch.com

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