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hostess featured

Being a guest at someone’s home means offering to help with the dishes or at least carrying them to the sink, making your bed, and, no matter what they do, not killing someone else’s kids. One should be friendly, enthusiastic and, if possible entertaining. Listening is required. Should the hostess/host be your best friend, less and more is expected. Flowers and wine are only appropriate when invited to a meal-exceptions are potted plants and multiple special bottles. Clever alternatives are preferable.

Monogrammed Gifts

Left-Monogrammed Paperwhite Soap Set- The perfect addition to a guest or master bathroom, this gift shows forethought. It’s practical, distinctive, and exclusive. Set of 4 boxed, triple milled soaps made of 100% vegetable based ingredients. “Color” conveniently goes with any décor scheme. Single initial or three letter monogram. $39.00

Right: Toscana Leather Journal- Hand crafted in Florence, Italy. This 5” x 7” 256 page journal is perfect for a philosophical scribbler, professional writer, or keeper of lists; small enough, as well, for the inveterate traveler. A rather personal gift. Bound in natural leather. $39.00 Add a monogram or name $7.00

The Gift Bread

You can’t go wrong with this one. Four of Eli Zabar’s most popular loaves: Raisin Pecan, Jewish Rye, Health Loaf, and Manor House Round. Includes a good bread knife. Practical and delicious. A thoughtful addition to a weekend with family or friends-ie more than two of you. Optional Federal Express mailing should you want the bread to arrive before you. $60.00

Scrabble-Cooking Addition

The twist here is that players get extra points for cooking related words. Recipe cards allot doubling and tripling scores in accordance with new rules. Become the master chef as you spell your way to winning in context. Abbreviations and celebrity chef names encouraged. For game players and cooks, of course. $29.95

Elegant Serving Pieces – “For me, it is like nature spreading through my interior spaces…like a magical olive grove sweetly willing its way into my home.” Designer Michael Aram

Left: Olive Branch Serving Set- For the stylish entertainer and/or chef. 11.5” long, stainless steel, oxidized servers in one of the collection’s most popular designs. These tabletop accessories will garner admiring glances whether used for salad or paella. Strong, organic, symbolic and sculptural. An unlikely duplication. $95.00

Right: Olive Branch Oxidized Trivet- The trivet anyone would be proud to have a carefully decorated table. 9.25” x 10” x 1” high. $69.00

Vanity Fair: The Portraits

A Century of Iconic Images by David Friend- For those who collect coffee table books, appreciate photography, follow fame or appreciate style. 300 iconic portraits featured over Vanity Fair’s 95 year history from Amelia Earhart to Cary Grant to Pablo Picasso – Individual talents from the words of film, sports, business, music, art, fashion, and politics capture modern fame BRS=before reality series. Photographers include Edward Steichen, Cecil Beaton, Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino and more. $49.97

Clever Gestures

Left: Kuhn Rikon Watermelon Knife-A cheery, 11” long, serrated knife with matching case, which cuts easily through generally resistant watermelons. Reliable maker, colorful design (makes it gifty), safely portable, extremely practical. $24.95

Right: Picnic Beverage Stake-Perfect for couples with a country house or those urbanites who picnic, this wrought iron stake holds a wine bottle and two glasses upright, away from shifting blankets and unsettled kids. 10” long, 4.5” wide, 12” high. Center coil holds the bottle, two curling ends secure stemmed wine glasses. $19.00

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