When Shopping Around—Remember Your Manners!


By Cherelle Wright

Why is it that even polite people turn into rude individuals when they shop? Don’t be one of them! Whether you shop with a purpose or for therapy, be kind and respectful to those around you. Here are five important things to remember when you shop:

Say “please” and “thank you.” Yes, you expect good customer service whether you are shopping at Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, or Gucci. But that rule applies to you, too. A nice smile along with “Can you please help me?” will receive a better response then a demand with a frown.

Stop texting and talking on your cell phone. Doing this while you are shopping is, not only a huge distraction for you, but one for those around you. And it could be dangerous. When you are distracted, you risk bumping into a display or another shopper, and becoming a target for pick pockets. Particularly annoying is talking on your phone while paying. You risk paying the wrong amount and, of course, lose the opportunity to connect with the cashier. And, it’s incredibly rude to those in line behind you because, chances are, paying while talking on your phone will take longer.

Keep an eye on your children. Your 11 year-old does not qualify as a baby sitter for your two year-old. Don’t let your children be those kids who are running around bumping into other shoppers. If you find it difficult to shop with your children, line up a babysitter for the afternoon.

Acknowledge your cashier. So you’ve had a bad day. Don’t take it out on the cashier, no matter how rushed you are.

Personal space. The same personal space we need when withdrawing money from the ATM, we also need when we shop. Don’t lean over someone who is paying or squeeze pass someone without saying excuse me.

Big cities are tough places to shop in, everyone is always in a rush, being polite and remembering manners is sometimes an after thought. So stop and think before you run those errands. You don’t want to be “that customer” whoruined someone’s day because you were rude. You want to be that person who acted responsibly and respectfully. So no matter where you are shopping, remember your manners!

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