Comix–Off with the Tops, On with the Jokes


Humor and honesty..what better way to raise awareness and monies for an organization that supports young women stricken with breast cancer. The humor came from seven very funny women, and the honesty came in the form of their “topless” comedy. Yes, these women appeared on stage in the buff, tops offs, nothing held back, and pretty much “okay” with it. Welcome to the first annual “Generosi-titties,” held at Comix Comedy Nightclub this past Sunday.


Before the live performance, a short video was shown which featured the comics of the evening. In this film, they were trying to get used the idea of appearing topless by “rehearsing” their nakedness while doing mundane activities like taking out trash, or mingling with each other, playing games. One shy soul kept on her parka and scarf, appearing not too sure about the whole plan. The bit was funny, and a proper introduction to the ladies and what was to come.


And finally, the wait was over.

Out came Leah Dubie followed by Amy Beckerman, who emceed the program. After a few bits about feeling shy with being so exposed and suffering the chill of the night, they introduced the other performers, Amy Albert, Selena Coppock, Scout Durwood, and headliner Elvira Kurt. Each one made their mark with their own unique humor about dysfunctional families, relationships, and criticizing various parts of their body. Said one performer, “I was more concerned with how my stomach looked, than my boobs,” or words to that affect. After awhile, the “topless” factor sort of wore off, and the crowd seemed not so interested in all the flesh bopping around on stage, than they were the jokes.


According to Leah Dubin, who granted a short interview after putting her top back on, the Generosi-titties group would take this show around the country, and continue to raise monies for the Young Survival Coalition. She noted that all the ladies were friends on and off the stage, and when asked if it was “harder or easier than she expected to go topless on stage,” she replied, “After all the planning and rehearsals, it was no big deal.”


Comix is advertised as a comedy nightclub, restaurant, bar and lounge, and while the service was top notch, the food, I’m sorry to say, was below par. My Mediterranean plate of babaganoush, tzaziki and grape leaves was disappointing as was my dining companion’s roasted pecan and pear salad. But, when you are at a comedy club, it’s not the dining experience you’re after, so it was okay. The raffle prizes, awarded at halftime, were a mix of playful and useful, such as the couple massage at Massage Envy, year’s membership to a gym and a free piercing in New Jersey, with the coveted item of the night, a Form 2 waterproof Vibrator and accessories, going to…… a man. Shucks.

That’s show biz.

Young Survival Coalition works with survivors, caregivers and the medical, research, advocacy and legislative communities to increase the quality and quantity of life for women under 40 diagnosed with cancer.

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